My Mission in India

I first went to India in March of 2002. I wasn’t sure why I was there but I was anxious to hear from the Lord. I felt strongly that he had a plan for me in that place.
As we left the train station in Bangalore that day, a decade ago, we rolled past a little shanty town of people living in conditions worse than I had ever seen. The poverty and destitute condition of the little village touched me deeply. My first response was to feel bad because I have so much and those people have so little. Sitting on that train I asked, "Why Lord, was I blessed with being born in America and these people were born here with little hope and an uncertain future?”

As the train left that poor village behind, the Lord began to speak to my heart, and what he said surprised me. He told me that where a person is born and how much opportunity they have for a successful future is of little consequence. He said that I was missing a bigger picture, the thing that really mattered. He said that whatever opportunities we have on this earth are inconsequential compared to what we do with what we have been given. Each of us has been given a life to live and in the economy of eternity not much will matter in the end except where each person decides to spend their eternity.
In that moment I realized that the best I can do for those living in those shanty towns with their mud huts and blue tarp roofs was to give them a better choice for where to spend their eternity.

As I pondered these thoughts I realized that this was why God sent me to India. He sent me with a message of: “I love you, and if you will receive me, then I will prepare a mansion for you in heaven where you will be with me always.
The message hasn’t changed over the years. Village to Village Ministries, Inc. has raised over a quarter of a million dollars over the years. Many thousands have heard God’s message of love and over 40,000 have received the savior and secured their heavenly home. All honor and praise to Jesus!